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Artist Statement

David Beers

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I am an award winning emerging artist living in Bethesda MD. My art has been exhibited from Italy to Canada and much of the United States and has been published in two books, one featuring my glass work and another featuring figurative studies and portrait sketches. Although I work in a variety of mediums and subject matter, my sculptures frequently employ the use of semiotics - the inclusion of symbols and visual cues to convey or alter meaning. 

While completing my BFA in 2002 at the Corcoran School of Art and Design, and later as an Adjunct Professor, I was influenced by the diverse work of American post-impressionist and extraordinarilly diverse artist Maurice Prendergast, the encouragement of teachers and mentors William Christenberry, Bill Newmann and Annie Adjchavanich, a single essay by Linda Nochlin and the writings of Charles Pierce - each of whom provided a lasting impression on the artistic path I am pursuing. I am also a fan of various local artists in the Washington DC contemporary art scene who keeps things fun and interesting.  Finally, when it comes to works in 3D, I am drawn to the greats Isamu Nagochi, Ernst Barlach and Constantin Brâncusi.  But of all these people, the most impact came from Bill Christenberry when he wrote to me: "if you don't succeed, I will be very disappointed in you."

ars longa, vita  brevis