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Comment by: Alessandra Guedes
Hi Dave, your work is super interesting and I love that you work with such a variety of media. I really enjoyed this weekend's glass workshop. Thanks for the help!

Comment by: William Beers
"Eyes of God" retro back to King Crimson
Comment by: William Beers
You spend a lot of time at Starbucks.
Comment by: Sharon Bergen
Very lovely.
Comment by: Jean - Pierre Lefebvre
Website: www.globalartmedia.net
Dear David Berrs, You are a wonderfull artist! If you would like to to show your work on the biggest window on art -www.globalartmedia.net -Worldwide social media... Be Wellcome! Jean - Pierre (Belgium).
Comment by: Lesley
Truly enjoyed viewing your new figurative work, "Elation." Visually arresting, as you create such harmony between angles and curves.
Comment by: Larry Abramson
Mr Beers...your artwork is amazing in it's variety and creativity! Keep up the good work!
Comment by: Yvette kraft
Website: www.studiogallerydc.com
Hope to drop by and see your show art DCAC before it closes in September Love all the variety of art mediums!! Hope to see you soon! Best, Yvette
Comment by: Telah Jackson
Love your work!
Comment by: Karen (Ryan's mom)
I love the beauty of the lines in your character portraits (feel like I know or have meet them all)...and see you now in a whole new light! Breathtaking...
Comment by: Carole Lieber
Dave is an exceptionally gifted artist able to create beautiful art in a wide range of media, as captivating as these photos are the do not fully capture the incredible beauty of the lines, shadows, vibrancy of color and depth of emotion you experience when seeing the actual pieces. Can't wait do so again!
Comment by: Kim Fairbanks
Great work! Love the glass work, very nice!
Comment by: Kyle Davis
Website: www.kyledavissells.com
Wow, love the incredible glass portion of your gallery. Wonder if you are able to custom work David? Best of luck to you!
Comment by: Maryann O'Donnell
Website: www.maodproperties.com
Love the sketch of Great Ape and ink drawings by the pool actually I like everything.
Comment by: Lara
Love the silverpoint botanicals - my favorite!
Comment by: Beth Dugan
Beautiful, Dave. I love viewing your work.
Comment by: alan beers
art must run in the family the irish connection, on the shores of strangford loughl alan beers artist
Comment by: C. Everhart
Dave’s work pried open my once shut eyes to new avenues of art; it's awesome.
Comment by: Kaye Gray
You are really accomplished! All of your work is wonderful, and so many kinds of media. I'm a fan!
Comment by: ami
you are a cool dad. love the music ... I can see and feel the inheritance... creativity abound. great model for the future...
Comment by: Lara
Great work, really unique. Can't wait to buy the book!
Comment by: Stacy Sovereign
Comment by: Claudia Constantino-Roland
"that is fantastic"
Comment by: Tim Tate
"wow.....thats a good photo!"
Comment by: Laura J Emerson
"you are really gifted...hope last night went well"
Comment by: Freda McCann
Your glass work is beautiful
Comment by: Dwight Kaiser
Very cool David!
Comment by: Pepe Piedra
woow! I love this, so surrealistic
Comment by: Tim Tate
very interesting. where are you firing these? did you take classes?
Comment by: Mary Ellen Shaw
Dave that is great let us know when and where we can get the book
Comment by: Jaymie Stroh
Comment by: Beth Stark Dugan
Comment by: Stacy Sovereign
Comment by: Laura J Emerson
"WOW you are very talented MR Beers..keep on being creative you are amazing! :>))"
Comment by: Debbie Alexander
"Very, very nice!"
Comment by: Anne Marchand
Dave Like your beautiful glasswork!

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